Saturday, 8 September 2012

Food Zoo

You can call it fishing if you want, but real men go prawn huntin'.

Prawns suffer from an evolutionary cliché: stupid and delicious. 

To even out the odds, you have to use a tiny fishing rod. I think that's adequate competition between the hunter and the hunted. The prawns might think it's a bit unfair, but have they ever tried dealing with being aware of their own mortality? I thought not. Us humans have it SO TOUGH.

At this stage the evening had descended into savagery, and we were baying for blood.

The consumer market's removed the dirty work from shop-bought meat. Put skewers in the shrimp. Cook the shrimp. Disregard the knowledge that you're killing the shrimp. Paint your cave in thanks to the Food Gods.

I think I heard them scream as they were put on the fire. I couldn't say for certain, our tribal drums were too loud. 

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