Friday, 14 September 2012

Man of the People

Mick Wallace announced this week that he would be availing of the €41,000 provided to Teachta Dáilí who are leaders of political parties for undertaking research. He has stated that the money would be put towards research on "different issues that concern the people of Ireland". When Skríobh contacted the office of Mr. Wallace for further clarification on what subjects he was hoping to carry out research on, what the money was going to be spent on, or how he felt entitled to €41,000 a year on research when there were so many cut backs to 3rd level education, we were politely told that Deputy Wallace hasn't engaged with the media in three months. We emailed as well, but we've had no response.

We probably won't be getting the scoop on this one.

His Facebook page has provided the media with the best insight into Mr. Wallace's studious intentions:

"Why should I be the only TD in the Dail [sic] not to avail of the same money to use to [sic] build a stronger platform.[sic]"

Because you can't put a coherent sentence together, Mick. The use of question marks is not optional.

Also, the statement that he is receiving just half of his wage is misleading. He is receiving his full wage, but is using half of it to pay back a personal debt incurred by his company to the Revenue.

Mr. Wallace's argument that he is staying in the political world to fight for what he believes in (not yet known to anyone except for Mr. Wallace) has earned him praise from the socialist left in Ireland; that he is a 'man of the people'.

The standard for being a 'man of the people' has been raised since Mick Wallace became a TD. Skríobh has organised a small test to see if you too are a 'man of the people'.

1. Have you previously personally guaranteed a loan of nineteen million euro to your company?

2. Does one of your hobbies include importing Italian wines to your chain of delicatessens?

3. Have you failed to settle a tax bill of 1.4 million euro to the Tax Revenue?

If you answered 'Yes! That's me!" to all three questions, congratulations! You're a man of the people! Sleep easy in the knowledge that you're a well respected and admired person and that your peers want you to make important decisions on the social and political issues of our time.

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